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Ashram has traditionally been and will continue to be the core of a societal fabric. It plays a vital role in creating and sustaining a healthy society. As a place that promotes spirituality and connects human beings to their true divine nature, it calms down agitated minds, brings in a sense of purpose to directionless souls, provides hope to beleaguered individuals and reveals the divine to true seekers. Even a few days of life in the ashram can teach us the invaluable lessons of life, enabling us to face it with renewed focus and direction. It is an infinite source of divine energy from which the people in a society should re-charge their battery of life from time to time.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati says, “Just as in the vedic era when the ashrams of Valmiki, Vashishtha and others were visited by people of all classes and all relevant sciences were taught to them according to their needs, in the same way the ashrams today provide learning ground for children, youth and adults. In my own life I have realized that all that I learnt at my guru's ashram was what was useful for me in life, not what I learnt in the textbooks in school. To know in which century Ashoka ruled the empire of India had no relevance to my life, but to know how to build a house did. All the crafts I have learnt or skills I have developed, whether it is writing, speaking, managing, administering, organizing, teaching or propagating have been through my total and complete involvement in the activities and affairs of the ashram. I have learnt to cook and feed others and also to look after the needs of the sick and ailing. I learnt how to assume responsibility for my duties and tasks and how to complete them successfully. I learnt crisis management too.”

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