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Ashram Project >> ‘Nagar’ Ashram in Chennai

The Chennai City Ashram is conceived to be the operating head office of the Satyam Yoga Trust and the Satyananda Yoga movement in South India. It will be an energy center of attraction to all spiritual seekers visiting Chennai. It will uphold the esteemed principles and values of our Guru Parampara in every aspect of its functioning.

The ashram will have an expansive dhyan mantap capable of seating more than 1000 people for satsang by Swamijis and Yogis visiting Chennai. It will have a sanctum sanctorum for the Guru Parampara, who continue to guide our every action. The same facility will be used for conducting the free one month yoga classes for the common public in the morning, thus enabling us to spread yoga to many more people of the Chennai city, month after month.

Satyananda Yoga Centre Mambalam has launched the Satyananda Yoga Bala Sangam, along the lines of the Bal Yog Mitra Mandal Munger. Its objective is to spread the message of yoga through children, to the children, who are the torch bearers of the generations to come. The Chennai ashram will serve as the platform for this initiative; as an effective channel to pass on the legacy of divine yogic wisdom to 1000s of children from various schools and all strata of the society.

Ashram is a place where spiritual energy abounds. It is a place of sadhana. There will be daily sadhana of chantings, mantra japa, stotra paat, vedas, puranas, upanishads etc. along the lines of the Sivananda Ashram in Rikhia and Munger to invoke and unite with the divine consciousness.

Apart from the dhyan mantap, the ashram will house

An equally spacious facility for anna daan and other such seva related activities

A few rooms for the visiting swamijis and ashram inmates to stay

A yoga and naturopathy dispensary for treating and preventing ailments as well as creating awareness among masses on the efficacy of nature healing

A library and BSY books counter

An administrative office

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