\ \ 186th batch beginners yoga class at MAMBALAM centre completed. \ 33rd batch beginners yoga class at NANGANALLUR centre will commence on 25-May-2024. \ 34th batch beginners yoga class at VELACHERY centre will commence on 26-May-2024. \ To register contact us. \

Guru Parampara


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Satyam Yoga Trust is a volunteer based non-governmental organization based in Chennai. The Trust’s programs on yoga and meditation have benefited over thousands of people representing all walks of life, religions, cultures and traditions.

Our Vision

To become a universal institution committed to ‘Spread Yoga from Door to Door, Shore to Shore’

Our Mission

To be an institution with values and culture based on Indian tradition with a scientific look, providing total guidance in maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health and achieving world peace

Our Values

Satyam (Truth)


Seva (Selfless Service)

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