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Recent Events

World Yoga Convention, Oct-2013

Christmas 2008 Celebrations at Rikhia

Yoga Sadhana Shivir 2009 at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai from Feb 25 - Mar 4 2009

World Yoga Convention, Oct-2013

World Yoga Convention (WYC) was held in Munger, Bihar - HQ of Bihar School of Yoga (BSY), from 23rd -27th Oct 2013 under the inspiration, leadership and guidance of Paramahamsa Swami Niranjananda Saraswati. Over 100 students of Satyananda Yoga Centre, Mambalam (SYCM), led by Sn.Krishnayogam’ji and Sn.Dayamurti’ji, attended the event. The WYC, referred to as Kumb-mela of yoga, is held in Munger once every 20 years. This is the third WYC held at Munger and coincided with the golden jubilee celebrations of BSY (1963-2013).

Each day of the convention was based on a specific theme. Yogis, doctors, scientist and academicians from all over the world made presentations sharing insights into their work and experience. Recent developments, with data, on impact of yogic techniques like Yoga Nidra on people from various walks of life including children, working professionals and adults were presented. Speakers made presentation in English/Hindi and at the end, the speech was translated by Sw. Niranjanji very lucidly in Hindi/English.

Following were the themes covered

23-Oct : Yoga as a science for the evolution of consciousness and a method to improve the quality of life
24-Oct : Yoga in health, therapy and social application
25-Oct : Yoga in education
26-Oct : Yoga and lifestyle
27-Oct : Vision of yoga as the global culture of tomorrow

Over 20,000 people attended the event in the giant convention hall erected in the polo ground of Munger. Besides that, some 15,000 people, from 69 countries all over the world, were following the event live on the internet.

Students of SYCM also staged a dance drama on the life of our pujya gurudev, Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati, founder of BSY.

The Kirtan Mandali of SYCM were also given opportunity to participate in the Akanda Kirtan performed in Ganga Darshan Ashram premises.

Ganga darshan, the very same premise from where Karna doled out enormous material wealth in charity to his people, was the seat from where spiritual treasures were given out to the participants of WYC. Over 300 books and 200 CD collection of the Bihar School of Yoga Publications, including numerous (100+) new Golden Jubilee titles were on display and the visitors of WYC were allowed to pick unlimited number of books & CDs as prasad. Most of us carried enough books that will keep feeding our mind and soul for the rest of our lives!

After soaking in the wisdom of Yoga and Guru’s grace for a week, the group returned to Chennai safely on 28th-Oct carrying with them blissful memories of WYC.

Christmas 2008 Celebrations at Rikhia

Jn.Yoga Sharan a member of Satyananda Yoga Centre - Mambalam along with his 10 year old son P.Suprajeett a (Mantra Diksha Initiate) had been to Rikhia via Kolkatta to experience ashram life and also to participate in the Christmas Celebrations there. They had reached Rikhia ashram on 21st December 2008 and registered themselves as participants at the ashram. They were provided accommodation at Patanjali Ashram 1.5 KMs from the main ashram.

They were blessed with karma yoga opportunity at the kitchen. There were about 500 people from across the Globe who took part in this program. There were 150 people from Bulgaria, a few from Germany, Australia, U.K, USA Canada etc apart from people from various parts of the country. According to them it was wonderful doing seva along with people of mixed race and origin forgetting their nationality and living as one unit which is the ultimate aim of yoga.

Everyday afternoon the Bhet or Daan was given to a host of villagers living in the nearby villages and every evening there was a program like Kirtan, Bhagawad Gita chanting etc. by Kanyas of Rikhia and joined by all participants. Jn. Yoga Sharan and his son were given an opportunity to have a darshan and meeting in private with Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati (Peetathishwari of Rikhia) during which they were able to clarify many of their queries with regard to yoga practices and spirituality. In fact when young Suprajeett enquired whether he can take Jignasu Diksha, Swamiji after asking him pertinent questions affirmed the same.

On 23rd December Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati arrived from Munger and Bhagawad Gita was chanted as it was an Ekadasi day. On 24th evening Diksha was given to select few from across the Globe. Some were initiated into Mantra Diksha, some were given Nama Karan, some were given Jignasu and three were initiated into Karma Sanyasa. It was a great day for Suprajeett as he was blessed with Jignasu Diksha and also given a spiritual name Mantrananda. In the evening the Church area in the ashram was decorated with lights, balloons etc. and there were host of programs by the participants from across the Globe. Infant Jesus was taken in a procession by Rikhia girls to the stage amidst the chorus of Haleluja by all the participants. In fact, to a lot of people, it was not just the mere birth of Jesus Christ which took place there; rather 'Christ Consciousness' dawned on them. The pastor of Jharkhand also came and addressed the gathering and it was a great moment when he started his speech with “Namo Narayan”. Jn. Yoga Sharan also was a part of the group that rendered a Sufi song. Jn. Mantrananda also played the part of Elf along with Ron Stewart of Canada who was the Santa Claus.

In all Christmas program was, to many who participated there, more of Inner Christmas than the festivities.

Yoga Sadhana Shivir 2009 at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai from Feb 25 - Mar 4 2009

A grand Yoga Sadhana Shivir was held in Greater Mumbai from Feb 25 to Mar 4 2009 in the auspicious presence of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

During this 8 day tour, Swamiji delivered satsangs on wide ranging topics in multiple venues spread around Greater Mumbai - from Hyatt Regency at Andheri, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir at Dadar, NMSA Ground at Vashi to Chembur Education Society at Chembur.

Swamiji spoke about the Relevance of Yoga in Modern Life, Developing Creative Faculties, Awakening Life Potentials, Stress Management through Yoga and The Road to Spirituality for the Common Man. In Vashi, Swamiji's yoga sadhana shivir sessions and satsangs were focused on yoga for sports person. He spoke about the importance of will power for success in sports, business, education and other fields and how it can be strengthened through yoga practices. He also spoke about how sportsmen and others can maintain optimum health through yoga.

Shri Narayanan from Satyananda Yoga Centre Mambalam, who is currently posted in Mumbai, had the good fortune of attending many of these satsangs. He shared his wonderful experience with Sannyasi Krishna Yogam and has sent us the CDs of some days of the program. Interested disciples can watch these CDs in the computer system in the ashram before the evening sadhana.

Rikhia Events in 2009