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Guru Parampara


Sayings of  Paramahamsa


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Grand creations are the handiwork of God. When He wills, they materialize.

We at Satyam Yoga Trust believe that we are mere instruments and our Guru is the doer. The ashrams have already been created in the divine minds and is merely waiting to take the material form. And, all of us are akin to the little squirrel of the epic Ramayana.

You can also be one of the blessed souls who has been instrumental in a big or small way in materializing these ashrams for serving the humanity. You can participate in one or more of the following:

Donating money

Donating land

Help as a sevak in fund-raising

Donating construction material

Contributing your expertise and time in architecture, planning and construction of the ashram

As a sevak in the administrative function

Help in obtaining necessary amenities and approvals

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