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Guru Parampara


Sayings of  Paramahamsa


Seva -  Details

The objective

Following the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati “To live is to Serve” and “To live is to Give”, Satyam Yoga Trust’s Seva Wing renders selfless service without any attachment and with the attitude that one is not the doer.

SYT’s Seva Wing galvanizes the people to work for the cause of the less fortunate and channelises their efforts into an organized crusade to combat pain, poverty, inequality and illiteracy. The mission of the Seva Wing is to make real the idea of a society consisting of free and equal citizens who are able to come together to solve the problems that affect them and to build a society in which citizens of plural background come together and work to empower the least advantaged in society.

The execution

SYT’s Seva Wing recognizes that children are tomorrow’s torch-bearers of the society. Hence it visits various orphanages and stimulates a learning environment using a wide variety of activities including games, singing, dancing, story telling, etc. and at the same time inculcating yoga and meditation in the children’s mind.

SYT’s Seva Wing has been serving as the eyes to the visually handicapped by reading, guiding and writing examinations for them and serving them as per their needs.

The Seva Wing also accommodates rural children every year in the members’ homes as a measure of exposure towards the urban culture and an opportunity to nurture them with love and affection. By enabling the rural children to mingle with the members' children, the Seva Wing has been successful in comforting them physically and mentally.

Future features of Seva Wing

Women Welfare

Empowering needy women physically, mentally and financially.

Helping the frustrated and aimless youth discover their hidden power and talent by extending a supporting hand, conducting personality development training programs and eventually moulding them as responsible and powerful citizens.

Reaching the victims during crisis - be it floods, accidents or calamities.

Mobile Medical Mission in rural areas saving the lives of the chronic patients.

Successful seva is accomplished when one is aware that the recipient of one’s seva is indeed doing a service by allowing them to be served. The SYT's Seva Wing works with this message of Swami Sivananda ever etched in their minds.


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