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Guru Parampara


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Ashram Project >> Grand Vision

Sannyasi Krishna Yogam, a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, has been carrying forward his Guru’s mission for the past 25 years across many states of India. Since 2001, he has been spreading the divine knowledge of yoga freely among the masses of Chennai, with Mambalam as the epicenter of his activities. Thousands of people have attended these free 1 month yoga classes, with most batches having a turn-out in excess of 100. Swamiji has also regularly taken his disciples, in large numbers, to the Ashrams in Rikhia and Munger, immersing them in the spiritual wealth and grandeur of the Guru Parampara. Continuing further, he also spurred his disciples into seva and daana yoga. This selfless seva of no small proportion has knitted together a large number of yogic families into a yoga community. And most significantly, it has given birth to the Satyananda Yoga Movement in Chennai.

Guru Poornima 2008 was celebrated in a remote village near Kalahasthi and more than 100 poor families from 5 neighboring villages were distributed prasad consisting of essential food and clothing needs. The karma yogis of the Satyananda Yoga Movement have engaged themselves in seva - bringing hope and light into the lives of destitute children and old age people at a few orphanages, reading for the blind, playing host to the children of the remote villages of Tamil Nadu participating in events organized in Chennai and many more. And, all these with a school terrace for the yoga classes and a 600 sq ft flat as the Ashram. But, we know, we need to and can do much, much more. Most importantly, we want to.

Our vision is to create an ashram, along the lines of the Sivananda Ashram in Rikhia, in every district of India and more. How can something that is the core of a societal fabric be present in any less number? There is an immense need for it and also an intense drive in us to make it a reality. We are starting with Chennai.

‘Spread yoga from door to door, shore to shore’, said his Guru and ‘Give thy neighbors as I gave you’, said God to Swami Satyananda. The ashram will work towards fulfilling these twin mandates and thus create a vibrant, creative and peaceful society. So,

Let us build an ashram, brick by brick, to serve the humanity.


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