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Ashram Project >>  ‘Gram’ Ashram

The ‘Gram’ Ashram in every rural district of India is at the heart of the Satyam Yoga Trust and the Satyananda Yoga Movement. While the City Ashram is meant to provide succor equally to the wealthy, not so rich and poor, who are spiritually inclined or distressed, the Gram Ashrams are really meant to serve the poorest of the poor.

Despite all the advancements happening in India, the rural mass, who constitute more than 70% of the Indian populace, have been largely left behind. They have been pushed to fend for themselves in an increasingly challenging environment. It is no wonder that most of the agricultural community have been forced to discontinue their glorious days on the farm for some labor in the concrete jungle of the cities. They have been robbed of their right to peaceful living. The ‘Gram’ ashram will address this core problem afflicting our society by practically living everyday the mandate of ‘Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize’ of Swami Sivananda and the mandate of ‘Serve thy neighbors’ given to Swami Satyananda by his Guru, as shown to us by the Sivananda Ashram in Rikhia and Sivananda Math in Munger.

The ‘Gram’ Ashram will be set in spacious setting lined with trees and plants of yogic significance. It will be a magnification of the City Ashram and will consist of all the facilities of the City Ashram in a larger scale and more. Ashram is a place where spiritual energy abounds. It is a place of sadhana. There will be daily sadhana of chantings, mantra japa, stotra paat along the lines of the Sivananda Ashram in Rikhia and Munger to invoke and unite with the divine consciousness. Ashram is also a place of celebrations. Every celebration is an opportunity to serve more people, convey the message of love and peace and spread happiness in the society. The ‘Gram’ Ashram wil have celebrations through out the year.

Apart from the amenities of the city ashram, the ‘Gram’ Ashram will have the following to serve the neighboring rural community:

School to provide free, quality value education to their children in Yoga, English and Computers

Hostel for ashram in-mates, sannyasins, students and general public

Kitchen area capable of providing anna daan to 1000s of people

Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital to tend to the sick

Orphanage and old age home for the neglected lot of the scciety

Goshala for tending the aged cows that have sacrificed their entire life giving us plenty

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