\ \ 186th batch beginners yoga class at MAMBALAM centre completed. \ 33rd batch beginners yoga class at NANGANALLUR centre will commence on 25-May-2024. \ 34th batch beginners yoga class at VELACHERY centre will commence on 26-May-2024. \ To register contact us. \

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Satyananda Yoga Centre Mambalam, a Unit of Satyam Yoga Trust, is involved in the coordination and facilitation of regular yoga sessions, classes and programs for public, children and corporates. This centre has been conducting free yoga classes in Chennai for adults, every month, since 2001.

The classes are conducted by Sannyasi Krishna Yogam according to the curriculum of the Bihar School of Yoga. The yoga classes include Asanas, pranayama, pratyahara (sense withdrawal techniques), dharana (concentration), meditation, mantra, value education, food habits, shat kriyas (internal pathways cleansing for managing diseases) and other yoga techniques. Lectures on alternative medicines and other health sessions are conducted by doctors.

Satyananda Yoga Centre also conducts on-campus classes for executives and corporate on stress management and yoga. It also conducts yoga sessions for children and visits schools to hold these programs.

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