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Prana is the cosmic or vital energy which is inherent in the evolution of human life. It is the energy that maintains the whole physical body. Similar to electricity, it can be amplified, modified and transformed. Prana has the power of re-generation and hence, it can be channelised to any suffering part of the body, for healing purposes. This is the science of prana vidya.

By practising the technique of prana vidya, as taught by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, every individual can awaken the prana shakti for self-healing. The evolution happens first, with the awareness of the psychic breath, then the psychic sound, followed by the awareness of the psychic passage, then the psychic symbol and finally the awakening of the chakras.

The aim of the Advanced Pranayama course is to prepare students for the Prana Vidya course. It is a 4 monthsí course and is open to all students who have completed the one month beginnerís course. The course will expose the students to the theory of prana and practices of advanced pranayama techniques. Regular sadhana of the techniques taught in this course for 6 months prepares a student for the prana vidya course offered in Munger.

Advanced Pranayama Classes are conducted on Sundays only, from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM. If any of the students of Satyananda Yoga Centre Mambalam is interested in registering for this course, please contact the Secretary, Satyananda Yoga Centre, Mambalam.

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